Education. Business. Entrepreneurship.

By teaching the key elements of education, business, and entrepreneurship, the program gives entrepreneurs the capacity to successfully create new social impact ventures, including the creation of new schools and the development of effective products, services and practices in education. 

Business-oriented skills include:

  • Expertise in business model design
  • Product and service design methodology
  • Marketing strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Best practices in private and public financing
  • Hiring and talent development

Education-related skills include:

  • Navigating the P-20 education policy context
  • Learning to identify and gain access to key decision-makers, beta sites, and potential consumers
  • Knowledge of the history and goals of educational institutions
  • Expertise in curriculum design and assessment
  • Budget development
  • Organizational change management

Entrepreneurial skills include:

  • Expertise in design-thinking
  • Rapid validation methodology
  • Applying academic research to enhance product development
  • Discovery driven planning